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Coaching Services for Individuals and Institutions

In today's world, DEI must be more than just buzzwords or boxes to check. Companies that want to remain competitive must attract and retain top talent. A key to doing this is creating an environment that lets employees be their authentic selves.

Whew! has designed a proven, innovative, people-centered framework that helps organizations create genuinely inclusive environments that value and nurture all employees,  motivating them to give their best in every way, every day.

Whew! combines evidence-based performance enhancement techniques with mindfulness and somatic tools adapted from psychological principles to create a client-specific framework for executive leadership coaching. 

Our unique approach to leadership coaching maximizes clarity and connection with your authentic self.

People are the engine that powers organizations. When Whew! partners with companies to proactively strategize, navigate change points and enhance performance, we focus on treating every employee as a key performer. Our goal is to empower them so that they own their roles and give their best. 

Maximizing employee engagement opens the door for greater productivity, innovation and goal realization.

Trainings for Clinicians

EMDR in Color 

Basic Course 

EMDR in Color is a semi-private Basic training aimed specifically at clinicians of color who work with marginalized groups and identity-based trauma.

EMD​R Refresher​

The EMDR Refresher is a two-day review of the EMDR in Color Basic course designed to get clinicians back on track with using EMDR in their practice and understanding the impact of IBT. 

Introduction to Identity-Based Trauma (IBT)

Introduction to Identity-Based Trauma (IBT) is a one-day course designed to introduce clinicians to the concept of IBT and examines how IBT impacts both them and their clients.


"We live in a cynical world, a cynical world; and we work in a business of tough competitors."

- Jerry Maguire, 1996

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