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What's with that logo?

The Whew! Way

     People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. 

But people will never forget how you made them feel.

               Maya Angelou, Poet & Author

How Whew! Came to Be

Whew! Founder & CEO Desyree Dixon has spent thousands of hours working with clients as a practicing psychotherapist. Through that work, she realized that the source of her clients' depression, anxiety and other mental health issues stemmed primarily from two situations - negative childhood experiences (often in school settings) and their jobs. 

Childhood related issues (school) and work are her clients' two biggest sources of depression, stress and anxiety. These issues impact other aspects of life, including relationships with family and friends, spiritual outlook and overall quality of life. 

After doing lots of work to heal and learn how to manage future challenges, clients often exhaled, "Whew!" It was a huge effort, but the feeling afterwards was totally worth it.

Desyree's success with many clients gave her the idea of helping more people by going to the source of her clients' depression and anxiety. She started doing preventative work with schools and other organizations that work with children. She also started helping companies improve their environments and employee quality of life. 

Desyree and her entire Whew! team are passionate about giving every one of their clients the kind of "Whew!" moments that follow the Herculean effort of creating lasting, transformative change.

The Whew! Logo

Whew! uses evidenced-based practices to advise our clients. 

This commitment has elicited guiding principles for how we work.

Guiding principle number 1: Use what's been proven to work.

Guiding principle number 2: Be bold and innovative. Extrapolate from what's been proven to work in search of more tools that work.

Guiding principle number 3: Don't be afraid of how it looks if it works.

Based on her work as a practicing somatic psychotherapist, our Founder & CEO Desyree Dixon knows that what we often remember years after past experiences, both positive and negative, is not always what happened, but how the experience made us feel.

That same observation applies to our interactions with people. Years later, the thing that sticks with us often isn't what they said or even what they did, but how those interactions made us feel.

The memory of past experiences can evoke strong feelings.

When Desyree asks clients to recall the earliest time they felt "undefined" by -isms like racism or sexism, the freest to dream, they usually refer to memories of very early childhood.

One client described early childhood as a time of "bright colors, before everything started to shift into dull and gray."


When Desyree shows clients images associated with the happy aspects of their childhood, it evokes feelings of joy.

The Whew! logo is intentionally designed to embody these ideas about unlimited possibilities, childlike joy and wonder, a world full of color, and a mind free of societal influences that limit our vision of what we can do and who we can be.


The Whew! Way is "Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E"

Whew! focuses on people, even when working with organizations. Why? Because people are the most important gateway to implementing effective organizational improvements.

We help people understand and evolve their sense of self, to operate and live more authentically. People who do this will be more joyful, more resilient in the face of challenges, more creative, and more engaged. Organizations that nurture and mentor employees in this way will be rewarded with greater employee contributions that consistently advance company objectives and facilitate lasting improvements.

P.E.O.P.L.E. also is the acronym that embodies Whew!'s methodology for all our services.

Whew! partners with clients to help them utilize

"Psychological, Evidence-based Objectives, Practiced Leveraging Empathy."


The Whew! Way is S.M.A.R.T.

Whew!'s emphasis on evidence-based practices informs our commitment to giving clients data-driven tools to monitor progress, elicit feedback, evaluate correlations and assess effectiveness.

Our solutions are designed to be:

How Is Whew! Different From Others?

Whew! distinguishes itself by:

* Incorporating a psychological consulting perspective

* Incorporating a trauma-informed lens

* Helping people align their personal sense of core identity with work

* Focusing on people as a key driver of organizational behavior and change

* Harmonizing the interrelationship between individual and organizational core identity

* Fostering empathy for both ourselves (especially the parts we don't like) and others

* Offering unique client-specific solutions

Combined, the leaders of Whew! have more than 20 years of experience in business, project and human capital management, law, organizational and individual psychology.

We all have a core identity profile, regardless of our background. Our sense of core identity informs our sense of authenticity, and impacts how we show up both in terms of job performance and how we engage with colleagues. 

Because Whew! emphasizes the role of core identity in its work, it often impacts people in a deeply personal way that is uniquely, memorably transformative. Clients often tell us our work makes them reflect on their sense of self in a way that transcends  their organizational roles. 

For this reason, Whew! doesn’t just transform organizations, it transforms lives.


"We live in a cynical world, a cynical world; and we work in a business of tough competitors."

- Jerry Maguire, 1996

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